Everyday more and more companies make the decision to dump those old, inefficient incandescent lights and move into the future by applying LED lighting to their facilities.

Increasingly, people are asking: What does LED lighting provide that conventional lighting does not?
The answer to that question is simple. LED lighting provides improved light quality at a fraction of the operations cost and have much longer rated lifespans.

LEDs are capable of producing more lumens at a better quality while consuming up to 60% less energy than those old incandescent lights. They also require very little to no cost to maintain due to the fact that many fixtures have life expectancy of 100,000 plus hours.

Monetary savings are not the only thing that LED owners are finding after installation. Companies that have made the switch to LED are noticing more efficient employees, a better customer experience and generally have a better reputation in the community due to the security and illumination associated with LED lighting.

LED lighting is the future! Its estimated that by 2030, 74 percent of all lights will be LED. It is also estimated that over the next 20 years, the United States alone will save up to $120 Billion in total energy costs due to the conversion to LED lighting.

LED lighting is stealing the show by simply out performing the competition.

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