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By EPT Admin / September 1, 2016

What is Building Automation and How Can It Help My Business?

Building Automation is the automatic control, monitoring, and optimization of a building's HVAC, lighting, refrigeration, third party products, and other...

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By EPT Admin / August 17, 2016

How to Make Your Business More Energy Efficient

Many business owners want to make their business more energy efficient. But how much is the investment and how much...

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By EfficientPowerTech / January 4, 2016

People are asking: What does LED lighting provide?

Everyday more and more companies make the decision to dump those old, inefficient incandescent lights and move into the future...

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By EfficientPowerTech / November 30, 2015

LED Energy Savings Help Curb Seasonal Demand

It’s that time of year again when the temperature has dropped, the days are shorter and you can almost hear...

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