Case Study - LED Lighting for Convenient Stores

Learn How Switching to Commercial LED Lighting Significantly Cut Energy Costs



Case Study for Convenient Store LED Lighting

Commercial LED Lighting can save your store money on energy bills. By switching your convenient store lighting to LED, you can provide a brighter, more inviting environment to your customers, and you can reduce the monthly energy costs from traditional lighting solutions. Energy management is critical for a commercial building, especially when the business is open for extended hours. Here are some of our solutions for commercial led lighting for convenient stores
led lighting for business
We utilize AGI32 software to design the perfect layout for our clients’ projects. We can help with determining the correct layout, spacing, and finding the correct amount of fixtures to achieve your store’s desired illumination levels.

led lighting for convenient store

For most common store setups, replacing three 40-Watt T12 tubes with two 19-Watt LED tubes saves 68% on energy costs and 100% on maintenance costs. Investing in LED lighting for your convenient store typically pays for itself within just a few years. While commercial LED lighting typically last over 20 years.



Beyond the safety, financial, health and aesthetic value provided by employing advanced lighting technologies, perhaps the greatest value will be the enhanced respect of your employees, your customers and the community you serve.

“The LED troffers were so easy to install”


Installer, Express/Shell

“Amazed at the energy savings with both the exterior and interior HID to LED conversions”

Tyre Lygre

Project Manager

“I have always heard about the savings from LED lighting, this is very impressive”

Executive Manager, Valero

“Existing lights registered (0.2) amps and post-installation readings were at (0.1) amps.”

Senior Electrician, Subway

Using our analytical tools we can help you understand the running costs of your existing lighting system and make suggestions as to how you could use efficient, eco-friendly LED lighting in your facility. We will provide ample data for you to analyze in order to help you make the smart choice.

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