Energy Management Solutions

We Provide Energy Efficient Solutions that Save Your Business Money on Energy Costs

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Energy Management Solutions

We Provide Energy Efficient Solutions that Save Your Business Money on Energy Costs


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What is Energy Management and why should it be an important function in my business?

Energy Management is for the serious business manager who understands that the non-transparent nature of electricity markets and consumption profiles can erode profitability if not managed properly by knowledgeable and experienced professionals capable of identifying and optimizing your facilities energy requirements for an economically efficient energy conservation model. If you need energy management solutions in Houston, TX, Efficient Power Tech can help your business save money on energy costs. We can provide energy management consultations to businesses within 100 miles of Houston, TX, South-Central Texas, Louisiana, South Mississippi and Alabama.
At Efficient Power Tech, we define Energy Management as being how businesses coordinate energy assets, consumption patterns and volatile prices in an effective manner so as to optimize the entire energy dependence process for your organization.

A Strategic Energy Management Plan benefits your organization by incorporating some or all of the following:

Detailed Energy Analysis – It is important to identify how your business receives, uses and pays for energy. The energy eco-system you inherited or built is the benchmark by which to make it more cost-effective,sustainable and energy efficient.
Energy Efficient Lighting Solution – If you’re still using 250/400/1000-watt Metal Halides or T8/T12 Tubes, you’re living in the past. Efficient Power Tech provides the finest quality LED fixtures on the market at the most competitive pricing possible. LED lighting provides higher lumen output, lower energy consumption, long lasting life (20-40 years) and warranties from the manufacturer. They also produce quick payback periods and unmatched quality that will last long into the future.
Energy Management System / Energy Information System – By utilizing Energy Management Software (EMS) or an Energy Information System (EIS), our clients can quantify usage by functional area, tactical use and device. Analyzing and monitoring equipment consumption profiles is necessary to drive the future performance of your facilities new energy economic model.
Monitoring Controls & Sensors – By utilizing monitoring controls and sensors to harvest daylight, reduce demand, generate more productive work environments and limit usage, our clients are able to effectively manage their energy environment.
Strategic Pricing Techniques – By customizing seasonal, on/off peak, annual or multi-year fixed and/or floating parameter pricing strategies, Efficient Power Tech helps to generate certainty in your organization’s energy budget. By implementing Efficient Power Tech’s customized pricing strategies, our clients effectively limit price risks for their organization and optimize the process of pricing electricity.

By choosing to participate in Demand Response Programs, our clients can generate revenue by shedding energy load during peak demand times on the electric grid. Demand Response is essentially a means to be compensated by utility companies or unregulated electricity market participants for eliminating, reducing or transferring load requirements from higher priced peak periods to lower priced non-peak periods of system-wide demand. Efficient Power Tech can help develop and implement a Demand Response Plan for your organization.

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“In the United States, buildings consume 41 percent of the nation’s total energy use, through lighting, heating, air conditioning, elevators, and the thousands of items plugged into their sockets.”

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