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LED Lighting Solutions are the best and first place to start when looking to become more ENERGY EFFICIENT

Depending on the region of the country you are working from, electricity used to power lighting can consume a significant part of your energy budget. Investigating if you can SAVE up to 80% or more on this portion of your electricity consumption is a sound business decision. Efficient Power Tech is here to help you understand the economics involved with switching to Energy Efficient LED lighting for business and commercial use.

As our customers know, an investment in LED lighting typically pays for itself in only a few years while the benefits can last 20+ years.
A study by the American Society of Interior Designers on Employees Perceptions of Workplace Lighting found that 68% of employees complain about the light in their workspace. The study also found that 75% of employees reported that they could be more efficient and productive with better light.


2015 Average LED Energy Savings

What is the process for identifying my lighting needs ?

1) Initial Consultation

Our consultative approach to energy efficient lighting projects helps insure our client’s objectives and expectations are complimentary with Efficient Power Tech’s products and services. We will determine your objectives such as; are you interested in improving the productivity of your employees, do you want your lighting to be brighter or softer, are you interested in lighting controls (occupancy sensors, timers, wireless control and monitoring), do you need LED lighting in areas where you do not currently have it, are you are interested in lowering your energy costs, as well as other topics.

2) Facility Site Survey

A thorough inspection of your existing lighting system will be completed. This survey provides us with critical data that our team analyzes to determine the economic potential of your project and find a solution for commercial LED lighting for your business.

3) Project Design

Our Design Team uses high-tech energy analyzing software to identify the imperfections in your current lighting system. We then create an Energy-Efficient Lighting Solution that is tailor made to resolve the inefficiencies in your lighting system.

4) Energy Billing Analysis

Our detailed billing analysis allows us to determine what the existing costs are. We are then able to identify how those existing costs are associated with the energy that is supplied and delivered to our client’s facilities.

5) Proposal Presentation

The Energy Efficient Lighting Proposal will reveal which products best fit your facility’s needs and objectives. It will include details such as; your rate of return, which allows you to foresee your estimated payback period; detailed photometrics, which illustrate the light levels of your new energy efficient lighting solution; and a detailed Energy Billing Analysis, which identifies your energy costs.

6) Installation

Our certified LED lighting installation specialist will deliver your LED lights and install them in a timely and professional manner.

7) Enjoy

After the installation of a new Efficient Lighting System, our clients immediately begin to consume less energy. All that is left to do is wait for your electric bill to be delivered so you can quantify your savings. With the projected life span of our LED lights, many times our clients go years without touching a ladder to replace a light.

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NEWS: More dealers choose LEDs for outdoor lighting

“The quality of light from the LEDs ‘makes our product show better,’ says Mike Lallier, owner of Reed Lallier Chevrolet, and “I just felt it was a no-brainer.”

When you have a need for LED lighting the only name to remember is Efficient Power Tech. EPT is an amazing company, run by awesome people. They have done a lot of work at my automotive business. Vast knowledge of products, efficient, reasonably priced and honest.

Shakil Sheikh

Owner, Upland Automotive

By utilizing AGI32 software, we can help you with the design and layout of your next project. We can assist in the correct spacing, layout and determining the correct amount of fixtures to achieve your desired illumination levels.

LED Lighting Case Studies

2 LED Tubes vs 3 Incandescent Tubes
[image-comparator title=”” left=”https://efficientpowertech.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/03/LED-2x4-Close-Up1.jpg” right=”https://efficientpowertech.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/03/Incandescent-2x4-Close-Up1.jpg” width=”100%” classes=”hover”][/image-comparator]Slide Center Bar

Replacing three 40-Watt T12 tubes with two 19-Watt LED tubes saves 68% on energy costs and 100% on maintenance costs. An investment in LED lighting typically pays for itself in only a few years while LED lifespans can last 20+ years.

LED Lighting Job Gallery

LED lighting increases customer traffic, improves employee productivity and gives your facility a facelift.

Professional Installation

Efficient Power Tech handles your energy efficient lighting solution from start to finish, including professional installation.

Interior Fixtures

Exterior Fixtures

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