Solar Energy Solutions

Learn How Solar Power Can Help Your Business Save Money on Energy

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Solar Energy Solutions

Learn How Solar Power Can Help Your Business Save Money on Energy

The reasons for adopting a solar solution are simple and clear.

The decision is based upon economics and the benefits begin accruing immediately. Solar is a good business decision. Renewable energy for businesses is great for reducing energy costs, helping the environment, and achieving energy independence.
Energy independence and freedom are terms used often in the news today. Businesses can now create energy independence and freedom for themselves by investigating solar solutions that fit their corporate objectives. No matter what size business or facility, we can find a solar plan that makes since for your company

Solar Solutions allow your organization to:

• Create a long-term price hedge against rising energy prices by taking advantage of todays lower per watt installed solar systems.

• Increase your facility’s property value as electricity prices increase by creating a more self-sustaining operation for decades to come.
• Be an environmental and sustainability corporate leader in your community.
• Create more freedom from the rising cost of electricity transmission and distribution costs and reliability issues.
• Better manage Demand Charges associated with the electrical grid and your utility company.
• Take advantage of the Federal Rebate program until December 2016.

•You may qualify for financing your solar energy upgrade for your facility

• Invest in an asset that generates a reasonable rate of return while providing direct tangible and intangible benefits to your organization today.

The Solar Solution Process:

Our team can help your business with solar energy options. We can start by discussing your overall energy needs and take a more detailed analysis of your current energy usage and your facility. Once this is complete, we can go over a design for your business and solar power usage to save money. We’ll then present you with a detailed proposal about our solar plan for your business. Once the plan is accepted, our team can begin the installation of your new solar energy system!

The Process Is Simple:


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